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This section is the basis of the site and so far it seems to be working! By creating a database to store facts about Tokai guitars, we have been able to thus far break the serial number dating code for Gibson copies. This effort continues for Fender copies and Ricky & Gretsch copies. Additionally, Tokai has begun placing serial numbers on their Korean Made instruments (which begin with a letter) so hopefully we'll be able to make headway there as well.

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Other benefits to including your guitar in the Registry include:

  • Documenting for insurance purposes
  • Proof of ownership in case of theft
  • Find that old guitar you wished you hadn't sold

You can enter your guitar into the Tokai Registry and search through the existing entries. Please enter your guitar using the proper input page. The Tokai Registry categories are broken down by name of the guitar manufacturer being copied. These include:

  • Gibson - Les Pauls, Explorer, Firebird, SG, ES335 and Flying V
  • Fender - Strats, Teles, Tokai Super Edition, Tokai Custom Edition
  • Paul Reed Smith - Tokai NPR & PR models
  • Gretsch
  • Rickenbacker
  • Tokai Originals - Talbo, Original Series, Gun Series, ext

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Gibson Copies (Les Pauls, Explorer, Firebird, SG, ES335 and Flying V)
Fender Copies (Strats, Teles, Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Tokai Super Edition, Tokai Custom Edition)
Paul Reed Smith Copies (Tokai NPR models)
Gretsch Copies
Rickenbacker Copies
Tokai designed (Talbo, Tsunami, TW Bass, etc)
Tokai Acoustics

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