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Links to the Tokai Gakki guitar factory

Tokai Factory
Tokai Factory 2

Here are some places (mostly in Canada) where you can buy new Tokai's.

Tokai Guitar Retailers

Mikes Music
JSDs Guitar Shack - Canada
Song Bird Music
Guitar Universe (Japan)
Tundra Music
Ring Music
Petes Trading Post
Wizard Guitars (UK)
Cross Roads Guitar
Don Mackrills Music Shop (UK)
Music Maxx
Erie Music - Canada
The Guitar Cellar
ex-USSR and Hungary Tokai Retailer
Tym Guitars - Australia
Frets Guitar Center - Blackpool UK
Music Toyz - US Retailer (Maine)
DM Guitars (UK)
Japan Guitars (UK) - Used Japane Made guitars
Musamaailma Oy - Finish Tokai Retailer

Tokai Guitar Distributors

UK and Germany
North America (US & Canada)

Other sources for Tokai guitar information

Tokai Registry Discussion Forum
Harmony Central Tokai Guitar Reviews
Harmony Central Tokai Effects Reviews
Stevie Ray Vaugh - Tokai endorser
Flying Vintage Guitars - Vintage guitar information
Cat's Eye Information - in Japanese
History of Tokai's and B-Benders
Tokai Pictures Page
Tokai Freek

Non-Tokai guitar related information

Cullen Racing - Vintage Porsche racing
Losi Board - RC Race Cars
The Wolfgang Registry
Fender Discussion Page
Virtual Guitar Gallery
Guitar War
Guitar Mania - free online guitar lessons
Brad Gillis - Guitarist for Night Ranger
Everly Music Company
Coffin Case
Hot Rod Straps
Spy Dust - Houston based band
Turd Chart
Legendary Tones
Gonna Hitch A Ride - Unofficial Boston Site
GroovusMaximus band web design
Roman Holiday - Ned's Band
Vintage Guitars on

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