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Welcome to the Tokai Guitar Registry

The Tokai Guitar Registry's Mission

  • Document an accurate and reliable methodology for determining the manufactured date of Tokai electric guitar models.
  • Document the history of Tokai branded guitars
The mission is being fullfilled by having Tokai owners "register" their guitars in our database. The database is then analyzed to find patterns that may trigger a method of determining date of manufacture.

Tokai Registry Site Background

After combing the Internet to find information on how to identify Tokai model manufacturer dates, I was surprised to find there was nothing available. I knew that other companies like Gibson, Fender and Ibanez provided ways to verify dates of manufacturer so I decided to create something similar for enthusiasts of Tokai Guitars. Thus, the Tokai Guitar Registry was born with the goal of being able to not only establish a methodology for determining Tokai model manufacture dates, but to also create a gathering place for Tokai Guitar fans.

Our mission is to maintain the most comprehensive database possible, providing the most up-to-date information available. But to do that we need the help of fellow Tokai owners. So please enter the information on your particular guitar or guitars to help further our effort. Also if anyone has any information on the history of Tokai guitars I would love to add it to the site.

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