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Scroll down for new Catalog additions from 1981 and 1985.

1981 Catalog - Flat Top and Arch Top Series

Page 1 - Flat Top Series

Page 2 - Flat Top Series

Page 3 - Flat Top Series

Page 1 - Arch Top Series

Page 2 - Arch Top Series

Page 3 - Arch Top Series

Information Circa 1985

Original Series Catalog

German Price List

German Overview

Tokai Sound Stream

New Sound Stream technology guitars
Page: 1New Sound Stream GuitarsView

2003-2004 Catalog vol.22

Contains Talbo Models
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2TalboView
Page: 3Talbo WoodyView
Page: 4Rear CoverView

2000 Tokai Catalog

Contains all Tokai models - eletric and acoustic
Page: 1Front CoverView
Page: 2TalbosView
Page: 2Talbos continuedView
Page: 3Talbo WoodyView
Page: 4Talbo BassView
Page: 5Korean Love Rocks - Les Paul Standard replicasView
Page: 6Korean Love Rocks continuedView
Page: 7Japanese Love Rocks - Les Paul Standard replicasView
Page: 8Japanese Love RocksView
Page: 9ALC & LC models - Les Paul Custom replicasView
Page: 10Other Gibson replica modelsView
Page: 11Flying V and Rickenbacher replicasView
Page: 12AST, ATE, ERS models - Fender replicasView
Page: 13Bass - replica modelsView
Page: 13Basses continuedView
Page: 15Left handed modelsView
Page: 16Electric acoustic modelsView
Page: 17Cat's Eyes acousticsView
Page: 18Cat's Eyes acoustics continuedView
Page: 19Cat's Eyes acoustics continuedView
Page: 20Cat's Eyes acoustic continuedView
Page: 21Cat's Eye special order processView
Page: 22AccessoriesView
Page: 23Color CodesView
Page: 24Talbo JrView
Page: 25Talbo Jr continuedView

1999 Tokai Catalog

Contains all Tokai models
Page: 1Front CoverView
Page: 2TalbosView
Page: 3Talbos continuedView
Page: 4AST, ATE, FB, TB Strats., Teles and Firebird bassesView
Page: 5APB, AJB, TW & LSb Fender & Gibson bass replicasView
Page: 6ALS - Korean Love RocksView
Page: 7ALS - Korean Love Rocks continuedView
Page: 8ALC, LC &ALs - Les Paul Custom and Korean Love Rocks w/ tremView
Page: 9Flying V, SG replicas & left handed Love RocksView
Page: 10Japanese Love RocksView
Page: 10Japanese Love RocksView
Page: 11Japanese Love Rocks continuedView
Page: 12Electric AcousticsView
Page: 13Cat's Eyes special orderView
Page: 14Cat's Eyes acousticsView
Page: 15Cat's Eyes acoustics continuedView
Page: 16Back CoverView

Volume 19

1997 Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2TalbosView
Page: 3Talbos contView
Page: 4JSR, ATE, ASTView
Page: 5Bass GuitarsView
Page: 6LS200, 220 and 320View
Page: 7LS - Japanese Love RocksView
Page: 8ALS - Korean Love RocksView
Page: 9ALS contView
Page: 10ALS and LCView
Page: 11SG, Jr, Flying VView
Page: 12AccessoriesView
Page: 13Cat's EyesView
Page: 14CEView
Page: 15Cat's Eye special orderView
Page: 16TEA, TC and ChView

1995 Catalog

Tokai 1995 Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2JSR SeriesView
Page: 3JSR contView
Page: 4AST and ATEView
Page: 5TW, APB, AJBView
Page: 6LSView
Page: 7LS contView
Page: 8ALS and LCView
Page: 9Semi Hollows, Jrs, SG,etcView

1989 Tokai Catalog

1989 Tokai Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2Super LimitedView
Page: 3Strat Bodied GuitarsView
Page: 4Traditional BassesView
Page: 5Super Limited BassesView
Page: 6Custom Edition TelesView
Page: 7TLS, SG, Jr, VView

1987-88 Tokai Catalog

European 87-88 Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2DescriptionsView
Page: 3Custom SeriesView
Page: 4JSD, SD, TW & JPJView
Page: 5Traditional SeriesView
Page: 6Lefty, Trem UnitView

1986 Catalog

1986 Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2Customer EditionView
Page: 3Custom Edition contView
Page: 4Super EditionsView
Page: 5MATView
Page: 6MAT contView
Page: 7MAT contView
Page: 8Trems & PickupsView
Page: 9Love RocksView
Page: 10Bass'sView
Page: 11Fender copiesView
Page: 13Limited EditionsView
Page: 14Limited Editions contView
Page: 15Limited Editions contView
Page: 16Back CoverView

Early 80's Tokai Catalog

Electric only, most are 2 page spreads. This one came from Alex in Australia.
Page: 1Front CoverView
Page: 2TST - Vintage strat replicasView
Page: 3TST continuedView
Page: 4TTE - Vintage tele replicasView
Page: 5TPB/TJB - BassesView
Page: 6TLS - Love RocksView
Page: 7TLS - Love Rocks continuedView
Page: 8TLC/TSG - Les Paul Custom & SG replicasView
Page: 9TES - 335 replicasView
Page: 10TFV/TEX - Flying V's & Explorer replicasView
Page: 11AccessoriesView
Page: 12Back CoverView

1985-86 Tokai Electric Catalog

Electric guitars only, SRV on the cover
Page: 1Front Cover featuring SRVView
Page: 2ArtistsView
Page: 3AST - strat replicasView
Page: 4ATE- tele replicasView
Page: 5APB/AJB BassesView
Page: 6ALS/ASG - Love RocksView
Page: 7ALS/AFV/AEX - Love Rocks, Flying V, ExplorerView
Page: 8Super EditionView
Page: 9JSX - Jackson typeView
Page: 10ASD/ATE/APJ/AJB - Fender replicasView
Page: 11LBX/MBX - bassesView
Page: 12F/V - uh not sureView
Page: 13TEA - Electric acousticsView
Page: 14EffectsView
Page: 15Back coverView

Tokai Oldies

Fender and Gibson copies, date unknown
Page: 1coverView
Page: 2ST Vintage (Strats)View
Page: 3Love Rocks - LS modelsView
Page: 4TE Models (Teles)View
Page: 5TES and Flying VView
Page: 6JP and PB BassesView
Page: 7Cats Eyes AcousticsView
Page: 8Cases and AmpView
Page: 9Heavy MetalView
Page: 10Vintage FamilyView

1985 Tokai Electric Catalog

Electric guitars only - from Australia. Thanks Alex!!!
Page: 1Front CoverView
Page: 2TalbosView
Page: 3Talbo BassView
Page: 4MAT - Most advanced technologyView
Page: 5MAT continuedView
Page: 6Super EditionView
Page: 7MBX/LBX BassesView
Page: 8VX/SD & TSTView
Page: 9TST/TTE - Tele and Strat replicasView
Page: 11TPB/TJB BassView
Page: 13Left Handed modelsView
Page: 14TLS/TSG/TLC/TES - Gibson replicasView
Page: 15TFV/TEX - Flying V/ExplorerView
Page: 16AmpsView
Page: 17EffectsView
Page: 18AccessoriesView

1984 Tokai Catalog

1984 Tokai Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 3TLSView
Page: 4TLC, TSGView
Page: 5TESView
Page: 6TFVView
Page: 7TEXView
Page: 8TSTView
Page: 9TTEView
Page: 10TSSView
Page: 11TPBView
Page: 12TJBView
Page: 15TalboView
Page: 16FSD, TZView
Page: 17FVD, TXDView
Page: 18VX, SXView
Page: 19MBX, LBXView
Page: 20Limited Edition FeaturesView
Page: 21Super Vibro UnitView
Page: 22Acoustic TopView
Page: 23TCM(V)View
Page: 24TCM(M)View
Page: 25TCM(000)View
Page: 26TCM, TCEView
Page: 27TCEView
Page: 28Banjo, ChromaharpsView
Page: 29TEA (Deep Body)View
Page: 30TEA (Shallow Body)View
Page: 37Spec ListView
Page: 38Spec ListView

1987-88 Tokai Catalog

Tokai catalog from 1987-88. Contains the Fibertech and Graphtech guitars.
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2Tokai artistsView
Page: 3Graphtech M-2001/02 modelsView
Page: 4Fibertech modelsView
Page: 5M-1001-03 and M-1201-03 modelsView
Page: 6CM-801/02 CM-1001-03 and W-1201/02 modelsView
Page: 7Talbos and Talbo BassesView
Page: 8Spec sheetView

1984 Tokai Acoustic Catalog

Catalog features dreadnought acoustics.
Page: 1Front CoverView
Page: 2IntroView
Page: 3ACE modelsView
Page: 4ACM ModelsView
Page: 5TCM ModelsView
Page: 6TCM Models continuedView
Page: 7TCM Continued and 12 StringView
Page: 8Back CoverView

Final 1982

Final 1982
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 4Love RocksView
Page: 5Love RocksView
Page: 6Love RocksView
Page: 7Love Rock CustomsView
Page: 8ESView
Page: 9ES ContView
Page: 22Love Rock infoView
Page: 26ST infoView
Page: 27Silver Star InfoView
Page: 34ST'sView
Page: 34ST contView
Page: 35ST contView
Page: 36Silver StarView
Page: 37Silver Star contView
Page: 38TE B-BenderView
Page: 39TE'sView
Page: 40P Bass'sView
Page: 41P Bass's contView
Page: 42J Bass'sView
Page: 43J Bass's contView

1982 Tokai Catalog

Volume 5 1982 Tokai Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2Joe WalshView
Page: 3ContentsView
Page: 4LS Love RocksView
Page: 5Vintage Love RocksView
Page: 6Standard Love RocksView
Page: 7LC Love Rock CustomsView
Page: 8ES ModelsView
Page: 9Jazz & RockView
Page: 33ST SeriesView
Page: 34Vintage STView
Page: 35Oldies STView
Page: 36SS Silver StarView
Page: 37SS continuedView
Page: 38TE Breezy SoundView
Page: 39TE continuedView
Page: 40PB Hard Puncher BassView
Page: 41PB continuedView
Page: 42JB Jazz Sound BassView
Page: 43JB continuedView
Page: 44AmpsView
Page: 45AccessoriesView
Page: 46Martin'sView
Page: 47Cat's EyesView
Page: 48Back CoverView

1981 Tokai Catalog

1981 Tokai Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 1LS SeriesView
Page: 3LS SeriesView
Page: 4LS SeriesView
Page: 6LC SeriesView
Page: 7LS Series - SpecsView
Page: 8ES Jazz ModelView
Page: 9ES Jazz Model - SpecsView
Page: 11SpecsView
Page: 12Factory InfoView
Page: 13Body Neck InfoView
Page: 14Paint InfoView
Page: 15SpecsView
Page: 16Back CoverView

1979 Tokai Catalog

1979 Tokai Catalog
Page: 1LS SeriesView
Page: 2LS SeriesView
Page: 3LS Series - SpecsView
Page: 4LS Series - SpecsView

1978 Tokai Catalog

1978 Tokai Electric Catalog
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2Reborn OldView
Page: 3SuperiorView
Page: 4ST SeriesView
Page: 5ST SeriesView
Page: 6ST SeriesView
Page: 7ST SeriesView
Page: 8LS SeriesView
Page: 9LS SeriesView
Page: 10LC SeriesView
Page: 11LC SeriesView
Page: 12PB SeriesView
Page: 13Back CoverView

1973 Tokai Catalog

Contains electric and acoustic models
Page: 1CoverView
Page: 2Goban electricsView
Page: 3Hummingbird acousticsView
Page: 4Misc. instrumentsView

This may be a Tokai poster from 1986.

1986 Catalog Cover

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