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Oct 28 2004 - Review of the new Sound Stream series
At the last NAMM show Tokai introduced the new Sound Stream series of guitars. We put one through the paces. Check out the review under Dating & ID then Tokai Reviews.
Oct 06 2004 - Tokai Guitar Registry New Look
Finally close to putting the finishing touches on the new look of the site. More importantly the information has been re-organized in to a more logical format. There will be more information re-organizing as we move forward but at a much slower pace than the last month.

Thank you for being patient during this time of disorganization.

Aug 21 2004 - Two New Catalogs Added
Thanks to TokaiJunkie for sending in 2 catalogs - 1 from 1978 the other from 1981. These books are great for info on early Love Rocks and Reborns - our first catalog with a Reborn model!!! Unfortunately all the tech is in Japanese. Head over to the catalogs page and check them out.
Jun 26 2004 - New Reviews & Ads Posted
Thanks to Ian for providing more content. Just posted scans from the 2004 UK Guitar Buyer - The site was mentioned!!! - which includes the following:
  • Editorial on Tokai Fret-King guitars
  • Great article on the history of guitar copies and Spring review
  • UK ad featuring a blonde 335
As always head over to the Ads&Reviews page to read these. Some of the articles you may need to click on the pic to enlarge it enough to read.
Feb 13 2004 - New Reviews
Just added a review from Guitarist magazine for the LS70. Also reformatted the page so it should be easier to navigate. Check it out on the Ads & Reviews page.
Feb 06 2004 - New Tokai Information
Got the first page explaining the new Tokais designed by Wilkinson up for your viewing pleasure. Still need to add the specs and pictures for all the new guitars. You can access the information by clicking on the Tokai Info tab and using the link at the top of the page. Or you can Click Here.
Jan 17 2004 - Site News
Couple of things happening around here. First, added a new donation page with 4 donation options ($1, $5, $20, variable). Please donate, even the smallest amount helps.

Secondly, the NAMM 2004 winter show is going on right now and while I didn't attend this year I am hoping to get some news from Tokai Gakki on new products. Will definately keep you informed as news arrives.

Jan 01 2004 - PC Hardware Review Added
Just wrote up a little review on the new Epia V8000 motherboard/CPU combo I just received. Testing it with Sonar 3 to get a benchmark. Check it out via the Reviews nav on the right.
Dec 31 2003 - Four New Ads
Thanks to Ian we have 4 new ads from Guitarist magazine. The ads appeared in 4 issues from 1986-1987. Thanks Ian!!!
Dec 22 2003 - Updating Look
Since I've got the week off for the holidays I will be working on the site as much as possible. Main plan is to due some minor tweeking to the look of the site.

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