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Thank you to the following members for their donations helping to make the Tokai Guitar Registry possible. The banner ads you see on the site do not cover the expenses required to keep the Tokai Guitar Registry running on a monthly basis.

A donation of $20.00 is now the minimum required for a listing here but a donation in any amount is always welcome. Names in red are those members who have donated more than one time! Check the Donation FAQ if you'd like to learn how to add your name here.

You can now send a donation via PayPal. Thank you!
Or if you would like to send a check or money order send a email to requesting the address.

Donating Members

Dan SalmondDana CareyDave Buck
GregertKarl SandersLondon Barry
Michael HunterMichael MartinMichael Needham
Murray GeddesPaul BechtoldtPeter Cappiello
Prince BishopStephen JahrlingWilliam Guger

Many people have also contributed by providing significant amounts of information that have greatly helped with the mission of the site and I would like to recognize those people here as well.

Information Members

Hans-Jurgen Ian Harvey Jiro Hitomaru 
John Spina Kazuhiro Luis 
Peter Mac Rune Stokke Scott Yoho 
Yoshiyuki Kyutan Paul Bechtoldt Peter Cappiello 

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